Outdoor Pizza Oven PRC Review

prc outdoor pizza oven

If you are here, you are probably looking for an outdoor pizza oven.  I think you’ll agree with me when I say that nothing beats the the flavor of a pizza cooked by burning wood. Today, we are having a look at the PRC outdoor Pizza oven, which is probably one of the best high-end alternatives available online for your backyard.  The looks of this oven is amazing and you can see that the folks at PRC really paid some attention to the details of this wonderful piece.

PRC Outdoor Pizza Oven, A Portuguese style Oven

This oven is called a Portuguese brick pizza oven, and it will be a fixed piece of furniture on your backyard. If, on the other hand, you would like a portable alternative, check our our Blackstrone Pizza Oven Review. Anyway, going back to the PRC Outdoor Pizza Oven, a Portuguese oven is generally characterized by a higher dome then the Italian or napolitan ovens. This means that the heat will be less intense since since the upper part of the dome reflects the Heat down into our pizza. While a high temperature is good for a crusty Pizza, it might not be so good for cooking other dishes such as lasagna, slow-roasts, bread, and so on. Therefore, this type of oven is particularly good if you plan to use your outdoor oven for cooking other dishes.

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This does not mean that the pizza cooked in a Portuguese oven has less quality than the one cooked in an Italian, if you use a Portuguese oven, you just have to be mindful of this little fact and you would have to add a little bit more wood into the mix.

Technical details of the PRC Outdoor Pizza Oven

The PRC outdoor pizza oven and its floor is made from firebricks as opposed to the red clay bricks. The oven door is wide, approximately 20″, which means that you can make a huge Pizza for your family. The oven’s door height is 12″, and it counts with a RIGID insulation under the floor.

The oven’s floor tiles are feally fixed and will never move thanks to the ceramic fiber insulation. This oven gets incredibly hot on the inside while staying cool and stable on the outside. The oven can easily go to 900F inside while only 90F on the outside.

A great Brick Outdoor Pizza Oven

The oven’s arch is made from bricks, which allows for an expanded landing area. Its weight is approx. 1200 lb and the Grey Cork finish gives it an amazing look.

The guys at PRC have made it really easy to attach a US standard 6″ chimney with the help of standard anchor plate. If you are interested in this oven, you will need both the plate and the chimney, which are not included. Simply attach the anchor plate to the support area on top of the oven and voila, your chimney is set. Also, The holes for the screws to attach the anchor plate are already-drilled.

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