Pizza oven kit for kettle grills

pizza oven kit

One of the simple pleasures of life is enjoying a perfectly cooked pizza in a wood fired pizza oven. When we think about these, we often have images of brick ovens with chimneys that look great on the backyard, but that sometimes require a big investment. A pizza oven kit can solve this problem for anyone that doesn’t want to buy an expensive oven, but that wants to occasionally enjoy a perfectly cooked pizza in their backyards.

What is a pizza oven kit?

A pizza oven kit will essentially replicate the feeling of a wood fired pizza oven. Remember that old kettle grill you have in your shed? Well, by adding a pizza oven kit, you will turn that grill into a perfect pizza cooking device. A pizza oven kit is the closest thing to a wood-fired oven without having to build or purchase one. These kits are very easy to assemble and have everything that you need to turn your barbecue grill into a pizza oven that can reach temperatures of up to 900 F.

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What is included in the pizza oven kit Pizzaque?

The Pizzaque pizza oven kit comes with 4 wire mesh panels to build a charcoal fence, two side panels, one rear panel, a 15 inch pizza stone, a wire door frame, two pizza stone supports, five side clips and a thermometer. The following clip will show you how to easily assemble it.

The kit also includes a folding aluminum pizza peel to get pizzas in and out of your grill. The PizzaQue Pizza Kit gives you the experience of a delicious pizza from a high-heat wood-burning oven at a very affordable cost.

When using this pizza oven kit, it is recommended to use both, charcoal and chunks of wood to get the grill up to 700 to 900 degrees. Charcoal by itself can heat the grill, but adding wood will really take your grill to those high temps. By adding wood chunks, you will also give your pizza a delicious smoky flavor.

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