Brick oven: Traditional wood fired oven review

Brick Oven

While gas ovens like the Blackstone are a very convenient choice for making a backyard Pizza, tradition dictates that the best Pizza can only be made with a brick oven. The main function of a brick oven is to trap the heat generated by burning wood. Traditional ovens are usually built with fire resistant materials like fire brick or clay. Other materials such as cement or stone are also a popular choice when building these ovens.

The brick oven has been used for centuries by mankind. In Italy, the so-called black ovens made out of bricks were of common use during the Roman Republic. They were also referred to as black ovens because the smoke from the wood would collect on the roof of the oven. Brick ovens were widely used throughout the medieval period in Europe. During Medieval Times, one brick oven would usually serve an entire community of people. Today, thanks to the power of the internet, you can order one of these ovens from the comfort of your home and you will be cooking the most delicious backyard pizza in no time.

The Pizzaioli traditional Brick oven

Brick Oven Pizzaioli

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A true Napolitan Pizza can only be made with a Wood-Fired oven. This handmade brick oven is as traditional as you can get, the looks of it will give a southern Italian look to your backyard. The bricks are 100% insulated with rock wool, and it is really easy to install.

Brick Oven backyard kitchen

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The Pizzaioli can reach temperatures of up to 800 degrees, and you will also be able to cook bread, lasagna Naan and pretty much whatever you want. When you purchase this brick oven, it will be shipped in a custom crate which rests on a pallet so you can easily roll it to your favorite backyard spot. The oven comes with an installation sketch which shows you how to best hoist it onto it’s base.


External dimensions: Width: 39” , Depth 39”, Height 25”
Internal dimensions: Width 33.5”, Depth 31.5”, Height 15”
Oven door: Width 19.7” , Height 10.6
Chimney outlet: 5.5”W
Oven weight: 985lbs
Wood Consumtion: 6lbs/ hour (may vary according to wood quality and humidity levels)


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